Fashion Blogging in the Future

Photography. Fitness. Children. Food. Design. Beauty. Music. Automotive.

I could go on about the wide variety of blog topics that exist. With today’s technology really anyone can start a blog. Sites like WordPress make it very easy and inexpensive for anyone to become a blogger. Fashion has become one of the more popular blog topics. Some select fashion blog have even amassed a huge following and grown beyond just a couple hundred followers. A 2015 study conducted by the Luxury Institute found that 72% of Millennials (those under 35) and 52% of GenXers (those 35-49) follow fashion blogs. Continue reading “Fashion Blogging in the Future”


Mixing Fashion with Fitness

OMSignal is stepping up its game with their new line of smart fitness clothes. The company already offers smart sport shirts for men, the OM Smart Shirt. They are branching out to smart sports bras, the OMbra, beginning in spring 2016. Moving away from the typical fitness trackers like bands or smart watches, these wearables offer a new way to track workouts and also fit more seamlessly into everyday wear. While the OM shirt and bra looks like any other typical piece of clothing, they have the capabilities to improve fitness tracking. Continue reading “Mixing Fashion with Fitness”

Date Night, as Told Through Photos

I’m sure most girls (and even some guys) can relate to the hassle of getting ready for a date. From picking out the perfect outfit to fixing hair and make up, there is a whole process for getting ready. My roommate, Erin, happened to be celebrating a 6 month anniversary with her boyfriend this weekend. She let me capture the process of prepping for her big date night celebration.  Continue reading “Date Night, as Told Through Photos”

Data Visualization of NYFW


With New York Fashion Week 2016 currently in full swing, I’ve been trying to follow all my favorite designers and their shows through various social media sites. The fashion industry is one that is very visually oriented and most of the content is presented though photos and videos. My newsfeeds are filled with photos of models, designers and celebrities present at NYFW. Even Snapchat has a story with “behind the scenes” video clips from all the different shows.

Continue reading “Data Visualization of NYFW”